Exfoliating Soap with Black Seed Oil – 100g


Do you dream of having healthy, soft, and radiant skin? Skin free from imperfections that you can deep clean without it feeling tight, red, or dry?

With Sweet Oil, this dream becomes a reality! We have developed an exfoliating soap that combines the benefits of black seed oil, olive oil, and orange blossom.

Black seed oil, considered Cleopatra’s beauty secret and praised by doctors worldwide, is the ideal solution for all skin types.

For rejuvenated and radiant skin, you can also rely on olive oil: Its antioxidants and moisturizing agents make it a powerful anti-aging ally and have a noticeable effect on blemishes and scars.

As for orange blossom, it brings radiance to even the most tired complexions and, thanks to its slightly acidic pH, gently rebalances the skin.

It’s a sure thing: You absolutely need the exfoliating soap with black seed oil in your bathroom!

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The benefits of black seed for your skin:

We don't have enough space in these few lines to list all the virtues of black seed but know that it is the perfect complement for all skin types. Its anti-fungal properties are useful in calming eczema and psoriasis; Its nutritional richness is perfect for dry and mature skin; Its purifying properties help problem skin with acne.

Artisanal Production & Cold Process Soap Making:

Our artisanal production method allows us to create a natural soap without any chemical agents while preserving the anti-inflammatory, soothing, healing, and purifying properties of black seed oil.

Exfoliating Effect:

The exfoliating soap with black seed will leave your skin soft and provide deep cleansing thanks to the exfoliating effect of the black seeds used in its production.

Suitable for Body and Face:

Given the natural and carefully selected ingredients that make up the exfoliating soap with black seed, it can be used on both the body and face without any risk. However, be sure to avoid the eye area.

Mild Scent:

The orange blossom gives the exfoliating soap with black seed a gentle and pleasant fragrance that is subtly perceptible.

It's time to give your skin the best; it will thank you!

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