About us

If you’ve made it this far, it’s probably because you want to learn more about Sweet Oil, our manufacturing secrets, or our values…

Perfect, you’re in the right place: This is where you’ll discover all of that!

So let me welcome you.

However, before we tell you our story, let’s talk for a moment about the “little” problems that we all encounter as women and/or mothers.

These problems can range from tight, dry, and sensitive skin, or even atopic skin conditions, to more complex discomforts such as eczema or psoriasis.

And let’s not talk about those famous “fatigue episodes” that are hard to recover from during seasonal changes or after an illness!

As for our children, these little beings who are so dear to us, they also have their share of difficulties (which often affects our nights and days): erythema, redness in the diaper area, or delicate skin put to the test by the too aggressive products sold in stores.

Then, during growth spurts, whether in childhood or adolescence, they too sometimes need a boost to keep up.

Their bodies change so much at those ages! It requires so much energy!

However, finding the right products that the whole family needs is far from easy, isn’t it?

Constantly looking for something that can help you deal with these daily problems – which bother you far too often

– It’s a real headache!

In supermarkets, you can find very effective things, but their formulations are far from ideal. Between dangerously chemical ingredients and catastrophic environmental impact, you don’t feel confident…

And, quite frankly, you’re right to be wary.

Who would want to spread petroleum on their baby’s diaper? Definitely not you…

It’s the same in pharmacies. Or almost. Lack of transparency regarding the origin of the components, or when everything is clean, it’s not affordable for everyone.

Indeed, with a large family and in the current context, you can’t afford to spend hundreds of euros per month on creams, dietary supplements, or cosmetics.

We’re telling you all of this because the story of the Sweet Oil brand is intimately linked to this issue:

  • We offer the best to those we love,
  • But also to ourselves (because we’re worth it ^^).

Like you, we have certainly tested many brands and tried our own homemade blends to take care of our families. It wasn’t always successful.

It was a long journey…

But after this process, we had to admit that no plant, no matter how it was formulated, offered as many benefits as the precious black seed.

And, believe us from our experience, we can say with certainty:

Black seed is the key to all the ailments you encounter (and much more)!

By the way, do you know about this plant with its peculiar black seeds?

Maybe vaguely? Do you want us to tell you more about it?

Nigella, an herbaceous plant native to Eurasia, has been known worldwide for its medicinal properties over many centuries.

Numerous studies have shown that it has anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral, antihistamine, and even anti-cancer properties, and this is just a sampling list of nigella’s power! The list goes on and on.

It is noteworthy that the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), spoke of this amazing plant in these terms: “It is a cure for all diseases except death” (reported by Al Bukhari and Muslim).

Incredible, isn’t it?

Due to our religious and personal convictions, turning to nigella has therefore become obvious to us.

After all, why not go back to the source?

That’s what we did:

  • Using nigella,
  • Taking advantage of all the benefits it has to offer,
  • To pamper our loved ones,
  • With respect for everyone and nature.

And, you know what? It worked…

For us, as well as for our customers!

Everyone who has been able to test our products is won over by the benefits of nigella and Sweet Oil.

This is how “Calmapo” , our best-seller, was born…

Originally developed to be an ethical and organic liniment, our customers and those around us, realizing all the benefits of nigella, gradually turned it into a different use…

… And we have adapted to make it the Calmapo moisturizing and soothing cream that we offer in its current version.

Our secret is simple:

Whether it’s for this product or for all the others in our range, we only select natural ingredients and craft our products in an artisanal way with a short preparation chain.

The goal?

To preserve you and yours,

By guaranteeing the exact origin and perfect composition

Of what you will consume or apply to your skin.

With the Sweet Oil range,

❌Say goodbye to little skin issues,

❌Say goodbye to feeling exhausted,

❌Say goodbye to spending hours searching for products suitable for the whole family,

❌Say goodbye to a bathroom overflowing with products that are ultimately not used,

❌Say goodbye to the unpleasant feeling of being a guinea pig for big brands (when you see the ingredients, there are questions to be asked ^^)

❌And say goodbye to spending a fortune in the pharmacy to find a useful and effective product!

Embrace nigella in all its forms,

And let us know how it goes…

You won’t be disappointed!