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Ideal for spoiling your loved ones, providing them with all the benefits of nigella, or for you to test the Sweet Oil range, the Nigella Box will allow you to discover nigella in all its forms.

This is exactly what you need to see all the properties of this flower that, in oil or seeds, has conquered doctors and herbalists around the world (and will conquer you too).

The Sweet Oil Nigella Box includes:

So, are you ready to discover nigella in all its forms?

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The "Calmapo" cream

Perfect for taking care of your dry, sensitive, or atopic skin, our moisturizing and soothing "Calmapo" cream is handcrafted using 99.5% natural ingredients. You always know exactly what you're putting on your skin.

100 ml bottle of nigella oil (3.38 fl. oz)

For use as a dietary supplement or as a treatment for your skin and hair, Sweet Oil's nigella oil is prepared according to a unique formula that gives it a milder and refined taste. Ideal for all palates (even the most delicate)!

100-gram packet of nigella seeds (3.53 oz)

Nigella seeds are ideal for boosting your immune system, as well as for treating various minor health problems that disrupt your daily life. Use them also to enhance your favorite food dishes... And you'll love it! Use them also to enhance your dishes... And you'll love it!


Nigella should not be used by pregnant women (risk of miscarriage).

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